Robot Venus Flytrap catches and eats bugs for fuel

By » Mon, October 31 2011

Venus Flytarp Insect Eating Robot2 Robot Venus Flytrap catches and eats bugs for fuel

These robots have ability to snatch and digest insects just like Venus Flytraps and the convert them into bio fuel through their internal coding system.

The scientists have understood its entire mechanism and have discovered the materials those are not only capable of sensing the existence of insects and bugs but can also close up as quickly as the living Venus Flytrap can shut its leaves. So we can say that these robots operate by doing perfect mimicry of Venus Flytrap plants.

A part of me thinks this is pretty genius and takes microcomputers and materials design to a completely new level, not to mention, speaks something to the efficiency of using biofuels as energy sources without the use of combustion, just bacterial chemical reactions and catalysis.  It’s all very interesting and completely compelling, down to the different approaches these scientists have used in the design and fabrication of their Venus Flytrap machines.

The other part of me thinks all of these fucking wonks that taught robots to eat meat need to get right goddamn brained.

We can only hope that this science never, ever takes off because the machines all smell like rotting flies.

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