Oakland OWS protesters warn of police infiltrators, provocateurs

This compilation of photos and videos of police officers both in and out of uniform taken from events surrounding the Oakland OWS protest includes a recorded message by Oakland’s acting chief of police circa 2003 saying, “It’s not that difficult, San Francisco does it, Seattle, a lot of large agencies do it, and we need to make sure that the next time this happens, we’re ahead of the curve.”

What’s ridiculous is how the police thought they could do it; you can’t expect three giant dudes with cropped hair and cop spectacles not to stand out in a protest that’s mostly, and I say this with love, rabble.

Actually, no, that’s not the most ridiculous thing: what the Oakland police should have taken into account is the cell-phone-camera panopticon they were inserting themselves into, and the ability for that crowd to crowdsource. (more…)

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job fails the revolution will be wheeeeee Whee!

Photoshop Phriday.

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Ohio simulating zombie outbreak on Halloween

toronto zombie walk 011 Ohio simulating zombie outbreak on Halloween

A central Ohio county is preparing for a zombie outbreak on Halloween, hoping to train responders for more likely emergencies through an exercise inspired by a tongue-in-cheek blog posting from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that urged people to be prepared for a “zombie apocalypse.”

More than 225 volunteers in Delaware County north of Columbus signed up to dress as zombies Monday in a drill for officials who would deal with real-life situations involving hazardous materials and disaster response. Emergency responders will test their capabilities as they use standard decontamination procedures to “treat” the zombies and make them “human” again during the exercise at Ohio Wesleyan University.

“People got zombie fever here in Delaware,” said Jesse Carter, a spokesman for the local health district.

This.  Is.  Great.  A clever way to engage with civil servants on a different level, to test their ability to respond to a serious shock to the system on a day that’s already high-stress, full of crazy costumed drunks hurting themselves for reals.

That would be the drawback, of course.  Telling the fake sick people in makeup apart from the real hurt people.  Fuck it, let Darwin sort them out.

Wait.  What if this isn’t an attempt to drill the Delaware County emergency services, but rather, just a cover story?  What if this Halloween, the Shadow Government is planning on unleashing a super-virus that will turn our brains to mush and we all become flesh-eating monsters? (more…)

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4 out of 5 dentists agree: eat candy ’til you puke

halloween candy caffeine de resized 600 4 out of 5 dentists agree: eat candy til you pukeThis Halloween, many dentists are telling parents that it is okay to let kids gorge themselves on candy.

There’s no reason to be spooked. Dentists aren’t hoping to make money on the inevitable windfall of rotting teeth. The fact is, if you’re going to eat candy, gorging is far better for your teeth than rationing.

Slowly snacking on Halloween candy every few hours, day after day, keeps your teeth bathed in enamel-corroding acid, the byproduct of bacteria feeding on sugar and other carbohydrates in your mouth. This leads to dental caries, or cavities.

Yup, I was right.  This was my exact argument for eating my candy all at once.  But this would invariably foil my parent’s plan to eat all the good candy I scored while I wasn’t looking.  They bought my costume, they got to eat my damn candy.  Well the jokes on them, because I’d lick the shit out of it when they weren’t looking.

Now as an adult, I have a different approach.  Don’t buy any costumes, and then stock up on leftover candy in November.  But the gorging: orders of magnitude greater than I’d ever dreamed of as a child.

Even I’m amazed at my body’s ability to sustain itself on pickles, gin, and Tootsie Rolls.

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Vaccines are awesome

vaccine Vaccines are awesome

Last night, a guy tried to sell me the idea that the 1% uses vaccinations to control the world, and their ultimate goal was to use them to murder all the poor people.

His argument hinged on two parts: that doctors are part of the 1%, and that doctors are less likely to get vaccinations.  Like any good conspiracy theory, there’s some truth to this.

The doctors being rich as fuck is bullshit, though, let’s get that straight.  If a primary-care physician’s salary is in the six figures.  And that means they have great credit, can get nice homes, and drive kick-ass cars. But when you take into account all the costs, they make a whole lot less than you think.

The average doctor makes less than thirty bucks an hour.  In other words, you are literally better off becoming a landscape architect(more…)

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It’s all about the pumpkins

Halloween is the holiday that puts the “conspicuous” into “conspicuous consumption.” If that sexy-Michelle Bachmann [WTF is wrong with you, Jordan Weissmann.  Seriously, double-you tee eff] or zombie-Khadafi ensemble doesn’t draw stares, you’re wearing it wrong. If you’re under the age of 12, you had better rake in enough candy to induce insulin shock. And if you’re heading out to the bar, well, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that should be blacked out.

Of course, all that indulgence comes with a price tag. This year, experts estimate that consumers will spend about $6 billion on Halloween-related purchases.

This doesn’t surprise me.  I worked for a costume and game store for one month; October.  They made more money on Halloween stuff than on all the other stuff put together.  In fact, October is the only month that they operated in the black.  The rest of the year they might as well have closed their doors and rented the parking lot out to the Pita Connection.

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