How to make bullets and use a sling

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IMG 5630 How to make bullets and use a sling

What with the discovery of 5,200-year-old bullets, I found this guide on how to make your own clay bullets. They’re not as dense as stones when slung, but their uniformity gives them a great deal better ballistic profile. And there might be some time or place where you find yourself without an abundance of, ah, rocks.

Of course, lead makes a penultimate bullet. You can make plaster molds that will work with lead, although they’ll fall apart after a while. But they’re better than stones on both density and uniformity fronts, and they can be cast in the biconical shape. Seen here are a pair of Greek lead sling bullets, cast into one side is a thunderbolt, and in the other, “Take that!” No, seriously.

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But having the best bullets isn’t important for starting out. Having a sling is where you start. Given that they’re paleolithic technology, they’re not hard to make. But there are a ton of different ways to make them.

Here’s a simple sling made from a single length of rope. It works well enough, but if you want something more traditional that can be made from a wider variety of materials, there’s this guide here.

braided sling How to make bullets and use a sling Braided slings were made by ancient slingers and continue to be popular by contemporary slingers. They are easy to make, work well, and beautiful craft objects, too. These instructions are for a 39″, or one meter, long sling, the simplest form of all braided slings based on a continuous triple-braid. It features a finger loop, split pouch for the stone, and can be braided in any length to suit your purpose.

Actually, has shitloads of information on slings, sling-making, stone-shaping, bullet-crafting and casting, and sling techniques. Here are some to try first.

Slings have had an interesting resurrection in recent years, not by hunters, primitive living experts, or athletes, all which sure, have seen some growth of late. But actually, by protestors, who have found that getting teargassed sucks and being able to de-cannister an area is more than just a novel talent.

Actually, come to think of it, it’s probably better to learn to use one of those jai alai claws if that’s your goal.

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