Kill traffic, save sanity

By » Thu, November 3 2011

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What’s going to kill you on the way home? A wreck? A drunk bicyclist?

Most of that shit you can’t plan for. But just being pissed off for an hour or two per day is enough to shorten your life.

So instead of fighting traffic and coming home and kicking your dog back through the door (bitch is trying to slow you down just like everyone on the road) so you can get to your booze faster, try something else. Try manipulating traffic.

It’s basically a game.

Leave lots of space in front of you and drive with the goal of never coming to a complete stop. Let everyone who wants to get into your lane in. Keep the space in front of you open. This does two things: it helps you smooth out traffic and it gives your pissed off brain something better to focus on.

Another couple of things that work for me:

  • Think of the other cars as bots. Remember, other drivers are not out to screw you. They’re not even thinking about you. They’re thinking about what’s for dinner or about how they managed to skip out on that drunken bicycling rap.
  • Ignore the cars behind you. They can always pass you, but you’d be surprised how rarely they do. But if you pay too much attention to the rearview, you’ll feel pressured to speed up.

Try it. Or watch this guy do it first:

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