“I cut you!” Or not.

By » Tue, November 8 2011
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Not a realistic knife fight. (photo by drinkyclown)

If you don’t carry a pocket knife with you at all times… well, you should. They’re handy for just about everything, from opening blister packs to lancing actual blisters. They’re also great for getting attention at the airport, so if you’re traveling, remember to secure your knife in your checked bag (sheath it if it doesn’t fold to keep baggage handlers from bleeding on your stuff).

If you’re like most imaginative people, you’ve thought about whether you would use your knife in self defense. If you’re like most normal residents of the first world, though, you think that knife fights look like The Hunted.

Not shown: Laws, police, court rooms

If you’re like most imaginative people, you have a completely warped idea of what a knife fight is, means, etc. Short version: you, as a normal citizen, never want to be involved in an altercation that involves weapons.

Marc MacYoung’s article “Knife fighting lies” hits everything: from the fact that there is really no such thing as a knife fight to the ramifications of using weapons in legal society to why humans use weapons at all:

Not to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the reason someone uses a weapon on another human being is to stack the deck in their favor. People don’t use weapons to fight, they use weapons to win. The absolute last thing any attacker wants to do is to fight you with equal weapons. If he was looking for a fight he wouldn’t have attacked you with a weapon in the first place. And if he knows you have a knife, he is going to attack you with a bigger and better weapon to keep you from winning.

Click around his site… it definitely got me thinking about this sort of thing differently.

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