How to bomb Iran: game it out first

By » Sat, November 12 2011

So you wanna bomb Iran? Here’s your homework:

PI Game Map Display 1 450x328 How to bomb Iran: game it out first

No, this is not a computer game (photo by Wired)

Fascinating articles in Wired and Foreign Policy about the game in light of recent events:

Why listen to talking heads babble about bombing Iran when you can bomb it yourself? Or at least you can by playing a board game, as I did when I played Persian Incursion, in which you play out a hypothetical Israeli air offensive to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

It’s a hyper-specific Diplomacy meets Warhammer, and I love the idea. I think we need games like in order to get outside our own heads (“if this were to happen, I would do that… uh… Wait. You did what?”). I just may spend the rest of the day trying to find games based on urban survival or disaster recovery…

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