What to do when you’re pepper sprayed

By » Wed, November 16 2011
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SPD doing what they do. (photo by djbones)

Last night, I watched people in real life (50′ away) get pepper sprayed. And in case you missed it, you’ll soon see the iconic Occupy Seattle photo of an old woman who got a full dose.

So now I’m intensely interested in what to do if I’m ever pepper sprayed. The internet tells me that there’s really nothing you can do but wait, blink a lot, and try not to touch your face.

Good to know. Sort of. I mean, it’s one thing to slip your riot cuffs and disappear into the night. It’s another thing entirely to do it while your face is trying to crawl off your skull and you can’t see for shit.

Do you think people would find it amiss if I were to blindfold myself and try to navigate a park?

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