How to chop campfire wood with rocks

By » Mon, November 28 2011
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These are axes in disguise. (img by HeyRocker)

Admission: when I go camping, I bring a hatchet and a bow saw. And I end up using neither. Why? Because I discovered the value of heavy rocks, which are way faster for breaking up fuel-size (up to maybe 6″ in diameter) softwood logs that you always find lying around in the woods.

You need: a log, something to prop one end of it on (log, rock, whatever – you only need a couple inches of clearance), and a rock that’s light enough to lift over your head and drop repeatedly (30-40 lbs works for me). Bonus if your rock has a sharpish edge.

Here’s how to do it: Prop up one end of your fuel log, raise your rock overhead, and chuck it at the log. Be ready to dodge! If the log is springy, it may bounce the rock back at you. More often, though, the broken bit of log will spring up in the air or go flying.

It’s quick, easy, and gets you cooking way faster than bashing away at stuff with a hatchet. You can still bring the hatchet… they’re handy for splitting your firewood and for practicing your throwing skills.

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