All you need is an axe (and a forge)

By » Tue, November 29 2011
magua All you need is an axe (and a forge)

A rare photo of the author in his younger days.

Axes and hatchets are visceral tools. I can’t help but think of Magua in Last of the Mohicans every time I hold a hatchet. Which is maybe why I use heavy rocks to chop firewood… I get a lot more done when I’m not pretending to ambush colonials. Axes, to me, are for chopping down trees, splitting cordwood, and attacking colonial militias. But I’ve been missing out on the huge versatility of axes for shaping and building stuff. Watch the stripey shirted guy at 3:40 in the following video:

A cat helps out at 5:07.

This stuff is amazing. When the rain clears up, I hope to go to the woods with my hatchet and see if I can do this on a much smaller scale. Now if I can only find an anvil and a place to use it in Seattle…

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