Does this drone smell like bacon to you?

By » Wed, November 30 2011
160063841 923a1622ea o Does this drone smell like bacon to you?

No, not that kind... the kind that flies and has guns. (img by cm_e)

I love remote controlled killing and/or surveillance machines, mostly because they make killing baddies in real life very much like killing baddies in Civilian Drone Assault VII. Which is great, because now Florida is catching up in the drone arms race:

The Miami-Dade Police Department recently got the first permit ever issued by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly its $50,000 robotic plane, a drone similar to those that have revolutionized warfare from Jalalabad to Mosul. The craft might just change policing forever too — as soon as MDPD actually gets a chance to use the damn thing.

I wonder how hard it would be to shoot one of these things down. Are they delicate? Do they move too quickly to hit? Are they tasty when you fry them in butter? I guess we’ll find out when Miami or Texas use one to go after someone heavily armed and well informed…

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