Nat Defense Act = Law

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"Am I being detained?" (img by tanvach)

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law today, despite “serious reservations” outlined in his official statement.

The act allows for some pretty bad things, like the Gitmo-style indefinite detention of American citizens by the military as terrorists or enemy combatants, or for simply “aiding” terrorists in some pretty unspecific ways.

I’ve already read lots of interpretations of what it is and how it could be used. Many fear that “terrorist” could be interpreted incredibly widely, and could apply to non-terrorist protest movements, investigative journalism, etc.

This shit is a hypothetical mess that sends my brain scrambling to Little Brother and other works of speculative fiction. Because right now it’s impossible to see how this will play out or what normal people can do about it.

Know the law, know your rights, and… what? Be careful?

(1/1/12 updated to add small mention of the most objectionable part of the bill, and this brilliant image):

hope Nat Defense Act = Law

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Man hit by train, subsequently by lawsuit

1392217741 f36f07cd3a 450x297 Man hit by train, subsequently by lawsuit

Seriously, don't dance with this. You could get sued. (img by Thad Roan)

3 years ago, a guy got smashed by a high-speed train while not paying attention. Part of his body, miraculously unvaporized but definitely dead, was thrown some distance by the impact and hit an old lady, breaking her leg and wrist.

The old lady sued the dead guy. Like ya do. A sane judge dismissed the case. I’d like to imagine that he dined out on the story for a weekend. Or even 3 years. But apparently that judge was wrong, and you can sue dead people for freak accidental damage. Haley Joel Osment’s got nothing on this lady.

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Review: Life Inc.

lifeinc Review: Life Inc.

Douglas Rushkoff’s Life Inc runs with the tagline: “How Corporatism Conquered the World, and How We Can Take It Back”. The book itself spends lots of time on the former, and only a little on the latter. But you don’t have to read any of it, because there’s a video:

But there’s Die < Less stuff, too! (more…)

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So in Pennsylvania, this chick got into a fight with her boyfriend, so she called her husband to come over, and he went over there with their son armed with bats and they got shot.

And like, in Reddit, they invented a game. It’s called Bat Gun Lawyer.

I like the game, but I keep throwing scissors when I want to throw gun fingers. Muscle memory.

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Things always get worse before they get better

These guys are extreme, but they’re not wrong.

Article I, section 9 of the United States Constitution:

The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases or Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.

No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

Before the Bill of Rights was even really a thing, when there was just the Supreme Law, those were the specific and only secured rights of the People. Well, that and this:

Congress shall… promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

IP law aside, before there was a Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Amendment, it had already been established that no one would ever be punished for a crime without trial, and that everyone would be allowed the right to a public trial in a timely manner, unless the country was at war, quashing a rebellion, or being invaded.

Yes, there is this new law that pretty much goes in the face of that. (more…)

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If you’re contractually obligated to rob a bank…

4441364482 bf04636e2d 450x252 If youre contractually obligated to rob a bank...

Rob this. Physically. (img by HowardLake)

I’m not sure if this is a story about how you should be very careful about the contracts you write or about domestic instability and crime or about how if your heart’s not really in it, hilarious shit happens that just may change your life for the better.

Check out this awesome story of a few white-hat hackers who decide to get out from behind their keyboards and into a bank vault in Tel Aviv: (more…)

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