WWII, real time and very short

By » Mon, December 12 2011

ww2 450x77 WWII, real time and very short

Our gas-mask article will have better diagrams.

Imagine you’re a WWII correspondent and your only broadcast medium is Twitter. Too late. Someone else already has, and it’s a brilliant project. I’m trying my best not to get sucked into the stream, which brings both dry newsy stuff and more poignant first person accounts like this:

finns WWII, real time and very short

140 characters: better than the Kalevala at proving how badass Finns are.

Not enough snow to bog the Russians? What the hell does that even mean? Finns are maniacs, which is why I now want to forge my own puukko and brew my coffee with fish skin.

Which I’m sure the creator of this project is drinking, because he’s got to keep it up for 6 years. Read an interview with the creator, and stock up on eggs and coffee for the winter.

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