Man hit by train, subsequently by lawsuit

By » Sat, December 31 2011
1392217741 f36f07cd3a 450x297 Man hit by train, subsequently by lawsuit

Seriously, don't dance with this. You could get sued. (img by Thad Roan)

3 years ago, a guy got smashed by a high-speed train while not paying attention. Part of his body, miraculously unvaporized but definitely dead, was thrown some distance by the impact and hit an old lady, breaking her leg and wrist.

The old lady sued the dead guy. Like ya do. A sane judge dismissed the case. I’d like to imagine that he dined out on the story for a weekend. Or even 3 years. But apparently that judge was wrong, and you can sue dead people for freak accidental damage. Haley Joel Osment’s got nothing on this lady.

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