Nat Defense Act = Law

By » Sat, December 31 2011
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"Am I being detained?" (img by tanvach)

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law today, despite “serious reservations” outlined in his official statement.

The act allows for some pretty bad things, like the Gitmo-style indefinite detention of American citizens by the military as terrorists or enemy combatants, or for simply “aiding” terrorists in some pretty unspecific ways.

I’ve already read lots of interpretations of what it is and how it could be used. Many fear that “terrorist” could be interpreted incredibly widely, and could apply to non-terrorist protest movements, investigative journalism, etc.

This shit is a hypothetical mess that sends my brain scrambling to Little Brother and other works of speculative fiction. Because right now it’s impossible to see how this will play out or what normal people can do about it.

Know the law, know your rights, and… what? Be careful?

(1/1/12 updated to add small mention of the most objectionable part of the bill, and this brilliant image):

hope Nat Defense Act = Law

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