Extra! Extra! The apocalypse is now!

3429700346 cce50c7424 450x337 Extra! Extra! The apocalypse is now!

This ain't an REM song. She's taking pics of TEOTWAWKI.

Journalists get together and game out what apocalyptic journalism might look like. Imagining a situation with other people can lead to really interesting things.

This weekend at Newsfoo, a fun little future-of-news (un)conference put on by O’Reilly Media, I proposed … “Reporting the End of the World.” Quite literally, how we as journalists will do our work in the apocalypse. It is almost 2012, after all, we should be prepared.

What began as a relatively fun conceit quickly turned into a discussion of very practical things, best illustrated by how our corroborating examples began increasingly to be localized apocalypses like 9-11 or Katrina. Particularly with the scenario of global pandemic, we found ourselves unearthing critical weaknesses in our abilities to do our jobs amidst catastrophe.


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WWII, real time and very short

ww2 450x77 WWII, real time and very short

Our gas-mask article will have better diagrams.

Imagine you’re a WWII correspondent and your only broadcast medium is Twitter. Too late. Someone else already has, and it’s a brilliant project. I’m trying my best not to get sucked into the stream, which brings both dry newsy stuff and more poignant first person accounts like this:

finns WWII, real time and very short

140 characters: better than the Kalevala at proving how badass Finns are.

Not enough snow to bog the Russians? What the hell does that even mean? Finns are maniacs, which is why I now want to forge my own puukko and brew my coffee with fish skin.

Which I’m sure the creator of this project is drinking, because he’s got to keep it up for 6 years. Read an interview with the creator, and stock up on eggs and coffee for the winter.

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Mugger miscalculates, gets ass kicked

blackeyes 450x337 Mugger miscalculates, gets ass kicked

I'm too dumb to feel shame. (img by Anthony Miranda)

Chicago – A convicted felon chose the wrong victim when he tried to rob an ultimate fighting champion Friday night on the Southwest Side and ended up with two black eyes and a gunshot wound to the ankle.

Critical tip for when you’re playing the mugging game: it’s maybe better to judge victims on foot instead of in vehicles… It’s hard to tell if the guy behind the wheel is a UFC fighter or a Sikh strongman who will just bend your knife with his face. (more…)

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Break this code, be British, and see what happens

crackit 450x264 Break this code, be British, and see what happens

Are you bovvered?

If you’re a British superhacker, you’ve already read about this challenge and have worked out the solution to the code. You’ve yanked yourself away from your wobble bass and Millwall bricks long enough to decipher the text and punch in the keyword. (more…)

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Stormtrooper Motorcycle Armor!

st1 450x675 Stormtrooper Motorcycle Armor!

“Welcome to a Galaxy where Leather Rules.”

Look, if your gonna ride a bike, the Die Less policy is to wear armor. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike, even if you’re gonna be like, ciao, and do the Vespa thing, wear armor. And if you’re riding a moped, then you should definitely wear armor.

And if you’re going to dress up, it might as well be as a Imperial Stormtrooper. Even if you’re riding a moped; scratch that, especially if you’re riding a moped. (more…)

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A sharp knife is a safe knife

Drinking and knife-wielding go together like gin and eggnog. But that doesn’t mean sometimes, after slamming a horrible, disgusting cocktail just to avoid pouring perfectly-good liquor down the drain, you decide it’s time to make yourself a late-night snack. Learn from my fail. (more…)

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