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Legality of Mobile Phone Tracking Still Unclear Despite Supreme Court GPS Decision

satellite1 Legality of Mobile Phone Tracking Still Unclear Despite Supreme Court GPS Decision

By David Kravets, Wired

The Supreme Court’s blockbuster GPS decision Monday afforded American’s new constitutional privacy protections against warrantless government tracking.

But the justices stopped short of clearly spelling out how wide those rights actually are — or when exactly a warrant would be needed.

The case tested whether the police may secretly attach a GPS device to a vehicle and track its every move without a probable-cause warrant. The judges made it clear that the physical act of putting a tracker on the vehicle constituted a search and that police would be wise to get a proper search warrant, even though the justices didn’t outright say they had to. (more…)

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NYC Police Throw Navy SEAL Into Psych Ward for Claiming…He’s a SEAL

The lawyer for former Marine Ryan Jerome, one of those arrested recently, joined The Blaze Editor-in-Chief Scott Baker on Friday’s GBTV ‘For the Record’ program. Here’s an excerpt from that interview:

By the Blaze

A Virginia man claimed to be a Navy SEAL to talk his way out of a gun possession arrest on Thursday, and the New York Police Department committed him to a psych ward thinking his claims of elite military status were the rantings of a lunatic.

Turns out the guy was in fact an elite Navy SEAL. (more…)

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Russian finds 79 Kalashnikovs in firewood crates

39380 Russian finds 79 Kalashnikovs in firewood crates

By the BBC

A man who had bought crates off the back of a lorry in Russia for firewood found they contained 79 Kalashnikov rifles and parts, Russian media report.

The villager in Udmurtia reported the rifles to a local policeman, after which investigators examined the 64 crates.

It was established that the army-issue rifles had been delivered for scrap to the nearby Izhmash arms plant.


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Go low tech to die less

Phone booth Go low tech to die less

Could you use this antique? img by Barb Howe

I am just barely old enough to remember having to either write down or memorize the phone numbers of all my friends. While cell phone contact lists have freed us from this drudgery most of us  would be adrift without them. How many numbers do you know my heart? Of those numbers how many would you contact in an emergency?

A few weeks ago I realized that in an emergency I could only remember two or three numbers in my contact list. Of those there was only one I would call in an emergency. Fortunately the solution to this problem is pretty simple. Go through your contact list and decide who on that list you are most likely to call in an emergency. Pick out as many as you deem necessary. Once that list has been picked, whittle it down to somewhere between three and five contacts.

The people you pick for your list should meet at least one of the of the following criteria: (more…)

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