1,100 Year-Old Peruvian Grave Contains People, Dogs, and Horses

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peru 1,100 Year Old Peruvian Grave Contains People, Dogs, and Horses

From the Daily Mail

A tomb containing the ‘perfectly intact’ remains of 60 people – who were slaughtered in sacrificial offerings more than 1,100 years ago – has been discovered in Peru.

Archaeologists found the mass grave, in an eight metre deep and 150 metre wide pit, in Lambayeque on the country’s northern coast.

They also unearthed the remains of dogs and horses at the site, which is next to a key Sican ceremonial centre, in the historical Pomac Woods, 500 miles north of Lima.

Carlos Elera and Jose Pinilla, who have been excavating the area since January, said the remains included headless skeletons and 30 skulls.

They were, more likely than not, offered in sacrifice to the gods of the Sican culture.

El Comercio newspaper reported that dishes and ceramics were also found. In a feature on the find, it said: ‘What most impressed the scouts is that in some cases gives the impression that the sacrificed were violently thrown from above.’

In January, archaeologists found the tomb of a ‘high ruler’ of the religion, which emerged around 700AD and continued until 1375, in the same area.

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From Wikipedia

By about 15,000 years ago, Equus ferus was a widespread holarctic species. Horse bones from this time period, the late Pleistocene, are found in Europe, Eurasia, Beringia, and North America. Yet between 10,000 and 7,600 years ago, the horse became extinct in North America and rare elsewhere. The reasons for this extinction are not fully known, but one theory notes that extinction in North America paralleled human arrival. Another theory points to climate change, noting that approximately 12,500 years ago, the grasses characteristic of a steppe ecosystem gave way to shrub tundra, which was covered with unpalatable plants.

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So like, either they didn’t go extinct, or like, fuckin’ time travelers, yo.

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  1. Paracelse January 12 2012 @ 7:32am

    And yet they were unknown in Mexico. When “killallthatmove” cortez arrive there horsies looked like strange creatures to the Aztecs.