Guy forges telegraph from base elements

By » Fri, January 13 2012
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Like this, but made of dirt and rocks. (img by Bill Bradford)

If you’ve ever said “if I knew then what I know now…” you probably still wouldn’t have thought to do this. The project: build a telegraph with modern knowhow and stone-age tools. SPOILER ALERT! It works!

Some copper smelted from rocks in a clay-lined hole in the ground, some chunks of iron, and some cattail roots yield a working battery. Clay makes a case and part of a switch. Check out the video after the jump:

I love this idea. There’s a lot of speculation about how the world will end or how society will collapse or how our technology will escape us somehow. And there’s a lot of very specific information out there about how to prepare for disasters (usually it involves lots of having the right stuff – equipment, food, etc.). This idea, though, shows you that what you really need is knowledge and the adaptability to use whatever’s at hand (seriously… the guy uses rocks and just about nothing else).

It’s one thing to learn a skill like metal-forging. It’s another to do it with nonstandard tools, or to figure out how to make the tools you need in order to bootstrap your way to a workable setup so you can make quality axes and log cabins.

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