Honduras is terrifying

By » Mon, January 16 2012
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Just out of frame: a pile of bodies. (img by Ben Chaney)

According to the UN and WaPo, Honduras rocketed to the top of the murder charts in 2010. The cause: drug trade expansion and the entrance of Mexican cartels as it gets harder for them to operate in Mexico.

Researchers caution that the surge in killings here cannot be attributed entirely to narcotics trafficking. As in Ciudad Juarez, drug-fueled violence appears to have fostered an overall climate of impunity, in which bullets settle the slightest dispute and anyone can literally get away with murder.

Journalists, labor activists and gays also are apparently being killed at elevated rates, and political violence has flared since the 2009 coup that deposed leftist President Manuel Zelaya. Then there are the thousands of other Hondurans who seemingly have nothing to do with the drug trade who have been slain in carjackings, muggings and hotheaded feuds.

It’s the wild and fucked up west. As in hemisphere. It’s closer than you think. And, for some reason, not that many people know about it.

And there are a million “what if” games you can play in your head. What would you do if really bad gang shit started happening on your street? Would you ignore it? Would you look to move? Would you look to change things? Would you go the Phoenix Jones route, the police route, some political route? Do you think it would change your views of self defense?

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