USA probably not as beleaguered as you think

By » Thu, January 19 2012
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The world sent us a cupcake! (img by kayepants)

Face it, the average American loves the idea of the apocalypse. Zombies make tons of money. Everyone’s looking forward to the Mayan calendar running out of days or the rapture or peak oil, and there’s a ton of money in survival manuals and paracord. Not to mention in 24 hour news coverage, advertising, and military equipment sales.

So here’s a downer for all the apocalypse-lovers. Yes, it comes from, so take it with as big a bag of salt as you take Fox News. Here’s the crux:

Just as the Western media is better off when you think the world is a horror movie teetering on the brink of a post-apocalyptic tale of survival, the guys controlling every army in the world are better off if you think you need them. If everyone likes each other, then they’re the weirdo bringing a gun to a tea party.

So the next time you hear a politician or pundit going on about how people from countries like Iran want to see America destroyed, think of them like the mean girl in middle school who makes up rumors because it’s the only way to get people to listen to her. Saying, “Iran is a little suspicious of America but wants to get to know her better,” may not make for good television, but it’s way closer to the truth.

By all means, be prepared. Learn to defend yourself and to be self-sufficient. Learn to get along with the people around you enough to be able to function together in a hurricane or earthquake or whatever. It’s a good idea to think about the problems of the now instead of borrowing Red Dawn scenarios from profit-seeking channels.

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