Conceal all the guns! (fear-based marketing 101)

By » Sun, January 22 2012
6032631875 4e15e33d92 450x337 Conceal all the guns! (fear based marketing 101)

This woman is concealing enough weaponry to arm Sudan. (img by Ali Eminov)

This just in: Companies interested in selling high tech gadgetry come up with hilariously scary marketing materials. TSA scares up $8 billion per year for sexy backscatter xrays that scare you out of your change so they can rake in even more dough.

This one cracks me up, though:

Mostly because I’m pretty sure the minute this baggy-pantsed, untuck-shirted dude tried to take a step, most of that stuff would come rattling down to his ankles. Have you tried walking around with a rifle in your pant-leg? Exactly.

But it apparently sells metal detectors to schools.

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