Russian finds 79 Kalashnikovs in firewood crates

By » Wed, January 25 2012

39380 Russian finds 79 Kalashnikovs in firewood crates

By the BBC

A man who had bought crates off the back of a lorry in Russia for firewood found they contained 79 Kalashnikov rifles and parts, Russian media report.

The villager in Udmurtia reported the rifles to a local policeman, after which investigators examined the 64 crates.

It was established that the army-issue rifles had been delivered for scrap to the nearby Izhmash arms plant.

The driver had sold off the crates, thinking they were all empty.

However, seven of them were found to contain rifles, as well as 253 magazines and other parts, a police source told Interfax news agency.

Once delivered to Izhmash in the city of Izhevsk, the crates had been used for removing rubbish.

The driver, 39, had been working for a private firm, transporting the rubbish to a dump.

“Along the road, he decided to make a bit of extra money and sold [the crates], thinking they were empty,” Interfax reports.

However, an investigation has begun into whether the rifles were “thrown out accidentally or there was an organised channel for selling them off illegally”, Udmurtia prosecutors’ assistant Olesya Fedchishina told Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“The crates in which the weapons were found were removed from a high-security installation so even the rifles could not have got there accidentally,” she added.

“Negligence at such installations is unacceptable.”

The Kalashnikov, instantly recognizable, renowned for its ruggedness and regarded by some as a design classic, is said to be the world’s most heavily produced rifle.

It has been manufactured at Izhmash itself, which is currently working on a new model.

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79 rifles? Do they come in batches of 79?

And 253 magazines? Not a nice, even number, perhaps a multiple of 20 or 50, as they are often packaged in bulk?

Well, since they had wood furniture, maybe he decided to keep a few in case it, you know, gets chilly. And ammo has enough powder and primers in it to start fires even with really cold, damp wood…

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