Pulse jets, sleds, and the IKEA effect

4864860970 c886481fee 450x261 Pulse jets, sleds, and the IKEA effect

Sweden is actually Hoth. (photo by JimmytheJ)

Swedes do epic shit. They’ve taken over yuppie apartments with cleverly designed and insanely cheap home products, prepare ordinary food in awe-inspiring ways:

… and now are developing DIY rocket sled technology. Hack a Day has some details and has handpicked some videos and articles for your jetsledding pleasure.

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Build a computer… in Minecraft

5552065808 2dd934609f 450x267 Build a computer... in Minecraft

Jacking into the lego Matrix. (img by *USB*)

Kids these days and their virtual Lego games. Why not just play with Lego? Now I know: because Minecraft bits won’t stab your bare feet and because you can do more than build an 80 foot golden cock and balls with the stuff you find in the game.

You can build a computer. Yep, in Minecraft, you can build a structure that performs computations, and can theoretically compile programs. Don’t believe me? This kid is well on his way:

I’m now going to go read the book and see if I can’t get my head around building a computer from first principles and the crap some local vagrant keeps leaving in my yard. Reading about how something works is one thing. Actually making a thing work is far cooler. Get your hands dirty (virtual or otherwise), and learn something while you’re at it.

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The fundamentals of small arms

Don’t know how the insides of guns work? The Army’s got your back. These instructional films made by the Army Pictorial Service illustrate just how, exactly, different small arms (lower-case G guns) operate.

Four more videos after the jump. (more…)

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What debilitating disease do YOU have? Google it!

medical diagnosis1 450x481 What debilitating disease do YOU have? Google it!

(img from Chuck and Beans)

See it bigger at Chuck & Beans

I know a guy who, early in life, diagnosed himself with rickets. I forget what happened… I think his father discovered him chewing eggshells and licking the family VW engine to try and get more calcium/magnesium into his system. I’m also pretty sure he still self-diagnoses, to entertaining effect. So be careful. You, too, could end up a professional writer who’s more up to date on DSM-VII than most mental health professionals.

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Russian for “How to breach a van”

Where did he go?

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Everything with software is hackable

Avi Rubin tells us how people can hack medical implants, cars, secure law enforcement communications, and how you can use an iPhone to listen to someone else’s keystrokes.

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