Genetics does matter. So does preschool.

By » Fri, March 9 2012
158393415 23b7b21c5f z 450x299 Genetics does matter. So does preschool.

Future executive, future fast food worker. (img by Ken Colwell)

This interesting article over at Wired highlights a twin study that examines the effects of preschool education:

Not surprisingly, [dude] found that preschool significantly closed the achievement gap between rich and poor kids. However, this winnowing of the gap was entirely due to the raised scores among those from disadvantaged homes. In fact, Tucker-Drob found that children raised in wealthier homes got no benefit at all from pre-k education, as their test scores remained flat. Because these kids were already receiving plenty of cognitive stimulation at home, it didn’t really matter if they were also stimulated at school.

I’m impressed with the article’s handling of a loaded topic: nature vs. nurture and the fact that genetics have a lot more influence than we like to think about. Nature (genetics) determines our potential. Nurture can either help us reach our potential or keep us from reaching it.

So now what?

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