How to make a 600 RPM battery gun

By » Sat, March 10 2012

And some headlines:

70-year-old Spitfire dug out of a peat bog, shoots just fine.  Researchers also pulled out the pilot.  While hearty and hale, after three score and ten in the mire, his upper lip was no longer stiff.

Colorado supreme court lifts campus gun ban.  Attendance is expected to drop, and student enrollment is projected to bottom out completely by 2015 in protest.

The speech-jammer: a gun that mutes people.  Although it literally dampens the most basic and fundamental form of democracy, I think I want one.  I haven’t been to the movies in ages.

Police drone crashes into armored SWAT car.  Yeah.  Clearly the SWAT car was terrorists.  And this brave, lone police drone drove into their car to protect America.


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