Read this if you want to know slightly more about 1911s

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Springfield M1911A1 GI 45 Explodedv1 450x250 Read this if you want to know slightly more about 1911s

"The Springfield Armory GI .45 laid bare. The GI .45 is a faithful representation of the M1911-A1 pistol."

If you’re about to surrender to the 100-year-old call of John Moses Browning, we’re here to help. You can probably count as many Model 1911 configurations as stars in the sky. So to make sense of all the choices, we enlisted a guy who knows his way around the 1911 like Darrell Waltrip knows his way around Daytona.

As the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta’s primary firearms instructor, Larry Vickers worked in a place that put more than a million rounds a year through 1911s. He’s a founding member of the International Defensive Pistol Association and is a member of the American Pistolsmiths Guild. When he says he’s seen everything that can go wrong with a 1911, I believe him.

I came across this neat primer on the 1911.  While it bills itself as mandatory reading, it barely scratches the surface of the 1911 world. You could write, and many people have, entire books detailing America’s favorite .45′s many idiosyncrasies.

But it’s still a good primer, with very good photos that will help anyone pick up on some of the jargon that is absolutely specific to the 1911.

And you know, the pictures are pretty.  

w051311od SmithWesson2 450x281 Read this if you want to know slightly more about 1911s

Smith & Wesson: also not cheap.

I will have to disagree with this:

“Now, I shoot a Glock,” Vickers tells me. “Make sure you tell guys that the 1911 is a pain in the ass. If they don’t like messing around with the pistol and spending a grand to really get it tuned, then they should forget it.”

That’s a bit off the mark.  I’m not saying he’s being elitist or patronizing or if he just hasn’t been digging through the 1911 bargain bin in years, but the notion that you must build a custom 1911 in order to have a working 1911 isn’t supportable.

Plenty of people are finding out that Armscor’s Filipino 1911s are pretty boss.   They are more commonly known in the U.S. as Rock Island Armory, and you can do a lot worse for $400.  Metro Arms’ American Classics and Firestorms are pretty nice, for the price.

Springfield’s off-the-rack 1911s are also shiny.  Ruger’s SR1911 is great if you can find one.   All of these are great pistols and they’re, you know, way cheaper than a custom 1911.  

Granted, I wish everyone in the world could have a custom-made dream gun.  But it’s a stretch to claim that all others are a waste.

It’s not any less interesting a read just the same.

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