Don’t worry about apocalypse. Worry about USG.

By » Fri, March 23 2012
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Bob Marley should sing about this shit. (img by Jackman Chiu)

Karen Greenberg at Mother Jones has put together a sobering article about what US citizens can expect w/r/t civil liberties in the rest of 2012.

Nutshelled and summarized, we can expect:

  1. More Punitive [government](Less Fair-minded)
  2. More Legal Limbo (Less Confidence in the Constitution)
  3. More Secrecy (Less Transparency)
  4. More Distrust (Less Privacy)
  5. More Killing (Less Peace)

The legal gray zone Washington has, over the course of a decade, plunged us into—and everything that goes with it, including punitive measures, attempts to bypass constitutional guarantees, the spread of secrecy and surveillance, a growing distrust of American citizens, and straightforward killing—isn’t something we will soon put behind us. The move away from the rights and liberties enshrined in the Constitution and the law is very clearly the way of the American future in our new age of enemies.

That’s right. Forget the flu, a zombie apocalypse, or the eventual heat death of the universe – you’ve got things closer to home to worry about.

Knowing your rights and being aware of the sociopolitical climate you’re living in is the least you can do. Get involved with your local government and learn about legislative process, but don’t expect your presense to change things. Despite states’ and localities’ efforts to counter some of the scarier things USG is doing these days, the Fed’s still got more overt power. The most valuable thing to come out of your local involvement is going to be the connections you forge with leaders in and around your area.

You probably live near other people. You probably won’t have the luxury of kicking back in your backwoods compound, snacking on MREs, waiting to shoot less foresighted people who come looking for food, desperate and confused and pretty much fucked.

Supplies, a plan, and equipment will only get you so far. You’re still going to need other people. This means learning how to organize (or at least interact with) normal, everyday people, regardless of whether you like them or even respect them. And that means actually interacting with humans in your community. Think of it as training if you have to, but remember: even people you consider stupid can kill you, especially if there are enough of them.

Finally, your privacy in today’s world is your responsibility, not the responsibility of whatever corporation you entrust your data to. Learn how to use the internet anonymously. Learn about encryption. Learn about how you can use your phone in ways not necessarily in Apple’s Terms of Use.

Learn how to make things from found objects and your own knowledge. Play games and learn what it’s like to evade other humans. And get strong so you can be useful.

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