Be vigilant or bed bugs will eat you

By » Wed, April 4 2012
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"I will eat your skin while you sleep!" (img by David Hill)

“I woke up in the middle of the night itching bad. Turned on the light. It was bedbugs. Look like someone scattered a bunch of watermelon seeds all over the bed. Momma sprayed our mattress with DDT that night, changed the sheets, and we went back to bed.”

Since it was my dad telling me this story, I figured bed bugs, like polio, tuberculosis, and the dodo bird, were scourges of the past… thanks to science, technology, and cleanliness, I don’t have to fear being mauled in my sleep by a herd of dodos. Then a friend of mine this past year told me that she was moving out of her Seattle apartment because the bed bugs were so bad. Bed bugs are making a comeback, and you can read some itch-inducing stats online.

If you, like me, know jack about bed bugs, watch this great 12 minute explanation of the problem and solutions, dramatized for your pleasure:

Thinking of moving into a new apartment in your metro area? Check the bed bug registry first… and if you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, don’t take a powder, and don’t ignore that weird rash, either.

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