You’re not “too old for this shit”

By » Thu, April 5 2012
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I may be too old for this shit, but she ain't. (img by Kanaka Menehune)

Chances are you think that after you hit 40 years old or have kids, you have to spend your leisure time watching television or having barbecues or discussing stock picks with the duffers at the local diner. You may think that your only athletic outlets are bowling (which, when done non-ironically, is repugnant to most young people and women everywhere) and yoga (which is repugnant to most men because we fear having to wear special pants to do it).

Let this 86-year-old lady show you that there’s more to your highly advanced age than fantasy football and healthcare nightmare story contests:

You don’t have to be able to do gymnastics floor routines (and let’s be honest, she’s probably been training for a long time), but just look at the way she jogs off the floor at the end. You didn’t know old people could move like that, did you?

And how about when you lock your keys in the house and the guy with the camera decides not to help you? Climb your damned building:

I could dig shit like this up all day. If you’re 40 or 50 or even 60, all is not lost. Most of Danny Glover syndrome is in your mind. You are not too old for this shit. Keep moving, pick up heavy things, and play more.

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