Buildering for the sane

By » Fri, April 6 2012
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Me and my dad (66 years old) traversing. (photo by Beth Jusino)

Buildering’s reputation as an extreme sport unfortunately precedes it. Even Wikipedia’s article on it talks about inherent danger and illegality by sentence 2:

If done without ropes or protection far off the ground, buildering may be dangerous. It is often practiced outside legal bounds, and is thus mostly undertaken at night-time.

And there’s definitely some epic daredevil shit out there. But I want you to know that buildering isn’t just climbing skyscrapers and cranes for the benefit of the Youtube masses or for the sympathetic body-tension and palm sweat of bystanders.

Buildering is just climbing on buildings. You can do it at ground level or at heights you can easily survive a fall from. See the pic above? That’s well within the reach of most humans: low risk, fun, challenging, and useful. Yes, useful, and I don’t mean in some survivalist urban post-apocalyptic way. Like if you locked your keys inside and have to climb a little to get them (jump to the bottom).

So take a cue from this guy:

Play around on or near your house if you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere with easily accessible boulders. Chalk bag and climbing shoes optional.

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