N Korea rocket FAIL

By » Sat, April 14 2012
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Damn it, I spent all my lunch money on this thing... (img by Kerry Vaughan)

We should have posted this yesterday, but were too busy cowering in our improbably well-stocked secret bunker waiting for nuclear apocalypse and hoping we had enough ziploc bags to contain our nervous urine.

We emerged… disappointed. And relieved. By now you know that North Korea’s ballsy “fuck you” of a rocket test failed. For all of you North Korean Die < Less readers: GTFO of there, man. Then tell us the story of how you managed it.

Anyway, the rocket:

After all the bluster and hand-wringing over North Korea’s big provocative rocket launch, the missile itself broke apart shortly after liftoff, falling into the Yellow Sea. Despite the technical failure, the rest of the world, particularly South Korea is still treating the launch as a serious and major provocation, quickly issuing condemnations and holding emergency security meetings. The U.N. Security Council is expected to meet later today and the United States has canceled a previously agreed upon plan to send food aid to the country.

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