Skate AND Die

By » Sun, April 15 2012
6971706033 e6e639c895 450x299 Skate AND Die

You don't remember the game, anyway. (img by Joe Fakih Gomez)

Youtube was built for schadenfreude. I can sit here all night and watch videos of people making idiots of themselves or thinking they’re cooler than they are or help ruin some kid’s life for making a ridiculous home video he never intended for the internet to see.

I was okay watching people on the internet fail until I saw a video of some kid who broke his arm skating. His idiot friend’s like “Oh, shit, you gotta bend it back”. In the panic of the moment, he tried – he shoved down on the second elbow he’d grown between his wrist and elbow, made a weird noise, and I closed the window. I have no idea what happened after, how much time was left in the video, or anything. I was done with fail videos.

Unless they’re virtual people. They can fuck themselves up in ways improbable to modern physics, and I can’t stop laughing. Try it:

But don’t let this keep you from going outside and trying improbable stunts yourself… they don’t have to be dangerous.

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