A Jeep for every apocalypse

By » Thu, April 19 2012
Jeep Mighty FC 450x253 A Jeep for every apocalypse

Needs more John Moses Browning (img by Jalopnik)

Despite the iconic seven-slot grille, the Jeep Mighty FC Concept is as American as a Katyusha rocket. The retro-fantastic rock crawler shares its design lineage with the Soviet GAZ-66 and the arsenal of atom bombs that terrorized the nightmares of ’50s schoolchildren.

Regardless of whether its roots are red, white and blue or just red, the Mighty FC — i.e. Forward Control — has the stature and I-don’t-give-a-crap-about-your-human rights might befitting a superpower. Thank you, my Jeep comrades, for blessing me with the chance to drive it yesterday in Moab.

The cab over layout is nothing new for Jeep, which — under the auspices of Willy’s and Kaiser — produced something similar between 1956 and 1965. But amongst the now Chrysler-owned division’s array of rock-crawling Wrangler variants, it stands out as something special, and definitely bears more than passing resemblance to a Soviet missile hauler.

You can read the rest over at Jalopnik.

Granted, it needs some work to survive, say, zompoc.   Like a Ma Deuce and maybe some spikes at head height for good measure, and definitely some fuel canisters draped around the sides, and a whole lot more mud all over it, but it’ll do.  It’ll do.  How long before this winds up on “The Walking Dead”?

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