Don’t text and anything. Ever.

By » Fri, April 20 2012
plane crash 470 1209 450x330 Dont text and anything.  Ever.

Swype has literally changed my life. (img by Jeff Wise)

Confused Jetstar pilots forgot to lower the wheels and had to abort a landing in Singapore just 150 metres above the ground, after the captain became distracted by his mobile phone, an investigation has found.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau report on the May 27, 2010 incident on Flight JQ57, from Darwin to Singapore, reconstructed a scene of cockpit chaos.

The captain, of more than 13,000 hours flying experience, was distracted by incoming text messages on his phone, while the first officer, of more than 4000 hours experience, was probably fatigued, the report said.

Official: texting while anything can not only kill you efficiently, it can take out hundreds of people right along with you.

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