Paper carrier pigeon?

By » Mon, April 23 2012
3959896099 a416c9dc89 450x299 Paper carrier pigeon?

Send an SOS to the world. (img by vespar avenue)

Maybe autonomous quad-rotor drones are out of your budget for the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use technology to send messages to the other side of the stadium, street, or park.

Wired’s got instructions for folding the paper airplane that set the most recent world record for longest paper airplane flight. The video of the feat is kinda meh:

But Wired’s notes on design are pretty interesting:

[A] world-record plane needs both the ability to act like a dart during launch, and like a glider after it levels off — a tricky balance. “People don’t realize how desperately I would love to fold my plane the long way,” says Blackburn, which would allow him to make wings from the 11-inch rather than 8.5-inch side of the paper. But so far he’s been unable to find a design that has both long wings and the ability to withstand the force of the nearly 60 mph launching throw.

Go raid the recycle bin and get folding!

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