Where AKs come from

izhmash kalashnikov 0 450x298 Where AKs come from

"Back in 1941 the production centre of guns was placed in the east of Izhevsk outskirts, on the territory 96 hectares large – it’s twice as large as Vatican! Or a half of a European princedom Monaco!"

English Russia has a cool set of photos from a tour through one of the greatest armories in the world, Izhmash.  The Izhmash Machinebuilding Plant has produced some of the most prolific small arms in modern history.  In history, period.

In these photos you can see many current AK-pattern rifles being made, including Saigas for sport shooting and AK-100s being made for export to India, as well as other small arms, notably Dragunovs of which there are probably just 117 in the entire US.

You can also see them working on and testing the new AK-12, the most significant modification to the AK pattern since, well, ever.

But the best part has to be these captions.  Read them with a Russian accent.   (more…)

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More firings expected in Secret Service scandal

Prostitution Scandal More firings expected in Secret Service scandal

The prostitute involved n the Secret Service sex scandal has panicked and gone into hiding. (img by Commons Wikimedia)


The chairman of a House committee investigating an alleged Secret Service prostitution scandal predicted more firings as key lawmakers and a top adviser to President Barack Obama expressed confidence Sunday that the agency will effectively deal with the incident.

“Every possible lead is being examined,” said Rep. Peter King, who heads the House Homeland Security Committee. King, R-N.Y., said he expected that in the “near future, several other” members of the Secret Service will leave.

“What they were thinking is beyond me,” King told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” (more…)

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Iran building copy of captured US drone

iran drone 450x253 Iran building copy of captured US drone

An Iranian state television image of the Sentinel drone. (img by AFC)


Iran claimed Sunday that it had recovered data from an American spy drone that went down in Iran last year including that it was used to spy on Osama bin Laden’s house weeks before he was killed by U.S. forces. Iran also said it was building a copy of the surveillance aircraft.

This type of drone has been used in Afghanistan for years and was used to keep watch on bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan but U.S. officials have said little about the history of the particular drone now in Iran’s possession. Iran has also been known to exaggerate its military or technological prowess.

Tehran says it brought down the RQ-170 Sentinel, a top-secret surveillance drone with stealth technology, and has flaunted the capture as a victory for Iran and a defeat for the United States. The U.S. says the drone malfunctioned and downplayed any suggestion that Iran could mine the aircraft for sensitive information because of measures taken to limit the intelligence value of drones operating over hostile territory. (more…)

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Induction heater = small electric forge

2376524512 e546937fd0 450x337 Induction heater = small electric forge

This will never fit in my apartment. (img by tmib_seattle)

My dreams of axe-making are coming closer to fruition… Well, sort of. I’m still not sure I can forge metal in my apartment without anyone noticing.

Still, though, there’s a really cool project on Hack a Day for building a small induction heater so you can do away with pesky charcoal.

If you’ve ever wanted to forge, cast, or smelt metal, this project is right up your alley. It’s a 30 kVA induction heater built by [bwang] over on Instructables. It gets hot enough to melt and forge steel, iron, and aluminum.

Check it out, and let me know if you’ve got garage space near Seattle…

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Australian ‘No Fly List’ mystery after Assange Lawyer Apprehended

australian no fly list mystery after assange lawyer apprehended 450x299 Australian No Fly List mystery after Assange Lawyer Apprehended

Human Rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson, legal representative for Julian Assange and Wikleaks, who was refused permission to fly to Australia from Heathrow, chats to protesters at the Commonwealth Law Conference in Sydney. (img by Demotix)


Picketers from numerous organisations supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange sought to challenge Australian Attorney General Nicola Roxon on her arrival at the Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association’s Regional Law Conference (CLARLC) in Sydney, Australia on Friday 20 April 2012.

Ms Roxon addressed the Conference on “The Rule of Law and the Commonwealth Principles – Terrorism, Emergency Laws and Human Rights.”

But most attendees and the Australian media and public public had signalled that they were more interested to hear her explain why London-based, Australian human rights lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, was apprehended at Heathrow Airport and initially prevented from boarding her flight to address the same conference. And why Ms Robinson has been placed on a restricted travel list. And by whom. (more…)

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Tactical beards!

36f44d89 450x311 Tactical beards!

6061 T6 Type III Anodized Tactical Beard with T-marks (img by llandaff (not likely, if this is yours, let us know))

Pentagon Study Finds Beards Directly Related To Combat Effectiveness

Jonathon Burns was the lead researcher in the study.

“We took 100 soldiers. 25 were Special Forces qualified and had beards, 25 were Special Forces qualified without beards, 25 were regular Army allowed to grow beards for the study, and the last 25 were regular Army without beards. All 100 of these subjects were in direct combat in Afghanistan during the study.”

He continued, “Xegis Solutions had several teams of researchers embedded with these troops to make observations on their combat effectiveness. The results were overwhelming, out of the 50 soldiers with beards, zero were wounded or killed and they had a significantly higher accuracy of fire than the soldiers without beards. The soldiers lacking beards had a higher rate of weapons malfunctions and basically, shit went wrong most of the time.”

This study was commissioned in part by the Duffel Blog who profits directly from the sale of “Beards Save Lives” T-shirts; however there doesn’t seem to be any foul play or even guiding hand here, and I’m not saying that because of my own hirsuteness.  Not at all.

(I’m saying it because I want them to send me one of those T-shirts.)

beards save lives Tactical beards!

Mullets cause SARS

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