Cell phones will not kill jetliners

By » Tue, May 1 2012
2280231658 e1d80b8cea 450x299 Cell phones will not kill jetliners

Pictured: airline terrorism tools. (img by Scallop Holden)

If you’re one of those people afraid of frail airline technology falling right the fuck apart for trivial reasons, causing you to plummet to your death, buffeted by wind, aluminum air frame scraps, and Tom Clancy books, I’ve got good news: cell phones will not crash planes. Neither will all the other random electronic devices they tell you to turn off during takeoffs and landings.

Let this dude explain it:

“For your own safety” apparently translates into “we don’t want to give you the real reasons”. Which has never happened before *cough*CISPA*cough*.

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