Live more during election season: read less bullshit

By » Mon, May 7 2012
gaffe 450x267 Live more during election season: read less bullshit

This is only a fraction of the bullshit in my feed reader.

If you’re anything like me (an intrepid and unexpectedly pretty Die < Less writer) or like anyone else with broad interests and a proclivity for RSS feed collection, you spend too much time sorting through bullshit. At first, you read all the stories because they might be relevant or funny or something. Then you start jumping right over anything with a candidate’s name in the headline unless it’s also got “Jon Stewart” or “Stephen Colbert” in the headline, then you stop bothering with that.

Next thing you know, you’re wearing a balaclava (that’s tactical for “ski mask”) and sturdy black clothing and breaking shit in the name of change.

Nobody wants that. And so the socially conscious scientists over at have compiled a short list of quick rules to help you sort your news. In brief, an article’s bullshit quotient is too high for you even consider clicking through and reading if:

The Headline Contains the Word “Gaffe”
The Headline Ends in a Question Mark
The Headline Contains the Word “Blasts”
The Headline Is About a “Lawmaker” Saying Something Stupid
The Headline Includes the Phrase “Blow To”

This will save you tons of newshounding time. Instead of reading overhyped bullshit about stuff that probably doesn’t matter, you can spend time playing outside or tinkering with an incomprehensible piece of machinery or getting the hell out of your chair.

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  1. Max Slowik May 7 2012 @ 3:29pm

    I think any headline that has War On [blank] is also worth skipping.