Head injury is a (non-viable) path to genius

By » Fri, May 11 2012
4151557135 dd1d0012be 450x300 Head injury is a (non viable) path to genius

I am a genius of toast! (img by KayVee.INC)

It’s the same old story… dude gets kicked in the head and becomes a genius and everyone is amazed because we wish we could be instant geniuses, too. But you don’t really want to be Rain Man. You (probably) want to have your current level of consciousness and physical health PLUS the amazing ability to play music or do math or whatever. But that’s rarely what happens. You don’t read too many news stories about dudes who get kicked in the head and spend the rest of their lives drooling on themselves and eating through a tube.

So instead of going out picking fights and gambling on becoming an insta-genius, you’re going to have to become awesome the hard way: by staying focused, finding something awesome to do, and working hard at it. Try lots of things… you never know what you’re going to be good at.

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