World’s fastest chicken farmer dead at 89

By » Sat, May 12 2012
Ford GT40 Replica 450x337 Worlds fastest chicken farmer dead at 89

This car was purpose-built to humiliate Uncle Enzo (img by Wikimedia)

A one-time chicken farmer, Shelby had more than a half-dozen successful careers during his long life: champion race car driver, racing team owner, automotive consultant and safari tour operator. His fabled Shelby Cobra sports car became an automotive and cultural icon, and he was later credited with injecting testosterone into Ford’s Mustang and Chrysler’s Viper.

Carol Shelby, the Texas chicken farmer and race car driver who went on to conquer Le Mans as  the designer of the Cobra and the GT40, has died at the age of 89.

Read about this amazing man here, or just about anywhere else gear heads gather.

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