Zombievision: your town stripped to the essentials

By » Mon, May 14 2012
zombiemap 450x270 Zombievision: your town stripped to the essentials

Not shown: millions of undead.

Map of the Dead isn’t really there to help you survive… it’s there to help promote a zombie game for iDevices. But that’s okay… it’s still an interesting way of looking at your surroundings as a list of supply points and danger zones (probably marked as such due to population density). Note that they often coincide.

The cool thing about games/maps like these is that they remind you that every single person around you is a potential threat, cover, or asset, which is really difficult to replicate in wide games with only a few people involved.

Next time you’re out playing fugitive in the park, have someone show up early and recruit civilian bystanders to add some randomality. Or play your game downtown at rush hour and see if you can use commuters as cover. Or go all out and try to recruit people to help you get from wherever you are to wherever you’re going. You’ll be forced to deal with other humans as actual thinking beings with their own motivations… it’s like Diplomacy in real time with strangers.

Pro-tip: be sure to let people know you’re playing a game so you don’t get arrested.

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