Gerber EAB pocket knife

By » Tue, May 15 2012
Gerber EAB pocket knife 450x402 Gerber EAB pocket knife

Babies are our business. Wait, that can't be right. (img by Gerber)

I’ve used utility blade knives for years. Simply having the properties of a disposable edge makes the knife completely indisposable. These tools have drawbacks, however, and are often bulky for the amount of knife they are and sometimes come unlocked at the blade when opening. Some clasp systems even fail to hold the razor in, a dangerous fail point. Finding the right one is a must.

This Gerber EAB (Exchange-A-Blade) seems to have none of these shortcomings with a simple construction, liner-lock safety and screw-down blade clasp. This more reliable clasp also allows it to accommodate standard as well as heavy-duty utility blades, no more razors flying out because you have the wrong type. It also has a sleek design and offers a nice purchase on the grip. If you’re looking for a new pocket knife, utility knife, or money clip, check out the Gerber EAB ($11).

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