How To Survive A Robot Uprising

By » Tue, May 22 2012

And some headlines:

And the book in question:

Robopocalypse (Kindle) by Daniel H. Wilson

wilson 450x682 How To Survive A Robot Uprising

If it were not for human religious sensibilities, would the concept of an apocalyptic end have ever arisen? (img by sawiggins)

Yesterday the long anticipated novel Robopocalypse was released. Although I seldom indulge in hardcover fiction, I headed to my local Borders to purchase a copy. Sadly, it seems, my local is cutting back on first-day releases because I walked out of the store empty handed but with a robotic Armageddon in my head. Last summer I became acquainted with Daniel H. Wilson’s How to Survive a Robot Uprising, but word on the street is that this novel is serious. Steven Spielberg purchased the movie rights even before the book was released. And the concept owes its existence to religion.

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