Luxury underwater hotel for supervillains, horrors from the deep

By » Tue, May 22 2012
1 450x397 Luxury underwater hotel for supervillains, horrors from the deep

“Miss Anders… I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” (img by Water Discus)

Finally, a hotel where you can luxuriate with all the oceanic class of a modern Titanic with the location of an underwater drilling rig set in the cool waters of the Persian Gulf.

To be fair, it actually sounds pretty cool. Not only does a stay at a Water Discus Underwater Hotel include 360-degree views above and below water (down to about 11 yards) transportation is provided by both helicopter and personal submersibles.

Deep Ocean Technology is particularly dedicated to developing autonomous unmanned submersibles. Currently, they are intended mainly for guests staying at Water Discus Hotels. In the future, however, they will become very useful also for research, underwater archeology and mining industry.

So on the one hand, we have a grand retreat the likes of which is best accessible via some of the most exotic forms of transportation mankind has ever known, and on the other we have the premise for some of the worst science-fiction calamities ever imagined.

2low 450x493 Luxury underwater hotel for supervillains, horrors from the deep

Because we've got a bathysphere on its way down. That means we've got company.

Look, best-case scenario, these hotels, fully-capable of autonomous robotic mining and archaeology, are owned and operated by Bond villains. Billionare evildoers bent on uncovering nukes or Atlantean death rays with which to hold the world hostage by its curliest of wurlies.

But ultimately we all know that these hotels will be run on the vital fluids of people maddened by the pursuit of looking sexier, BioShock-style. Hey, it might not have made any sense in the game but I guarantee you the first person to go into that place with the slightest bit of Botox in their brow is going to snap faster than you can say “cannibal face hat”.

Bioshock Splicers by beethy1 450x300 Luxury underwater hotel for supervillains, horrors from the deep

There's a land called Lillipoppy! And living there is the lillipop! (img by beethy)

And this is a hotel chain for the super-rich, which guarantees that in no time flat cosmetically-enhanced hybrid submarine people are going to be drilling for brains harder than Ayn Rand drilled for the slightest bit of recognition from her peers.

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