Jump a rally car for my homies

By » Fri, May 25 2012

I first saw rally footage in 1995 and I was immediately entranced by one driver in a Subaru Impreza sliding through turns, bashing off snow banks, and airing out his car down forest tracks, daring it to let him down.

Since that day I’ve been a fan of Colin McRae. He was a competitor of the first order, and despite what looks like pure recklessness (even by rally standards) a master of car control. He didn’t push to the raggedy edge, he lived there, for entire rally stages. When he was on, it was a thing of beauty. He would approach a turn all blood and feathers, car 3/4 sideways, looking through the window in the passenger door, foot buried in the accelerator, grass hanging from the bumpers, soil sample in the radiator scoop, and more often than not some rock rash on each corner of the car. When he was off? Well, those team mechanics need to earn their keep sometimes.

Colin died when he crashed his helicopter in September 2007, but here is a stage from the 2001 Rally Great Britain in his Ford Focus WRC car. Set it to full screen, turn up the volume, and put a pad under your jaw so you don’t hurt yourself when it drops.

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  1. Paracelse May 26 2012 @ 10:39pm

    Seems like an old rally car legend is looking to make a come back. Sorry the article is in French but the car is known to all those who raced in rallies in the 60′ and 70′s