Patient Zero

By » Sat, June 2 2012
unnamed Patient Zero

Expose your diseases to friends, family, even perfect strangers!

Patient zero is a hybrid cell phone/meatspace game where Android users (suck it Apple) compete to infect the largest number of people possible.

Patient Zero is a virtual pandemic simulator where you get to infect real players. Infections get transferred by players coming within proximity of each other in the real world. Players infected with your virus will carry it and infect more players. See how quickly your unique virus spreads!

I wonder if they have plans to take the data they gain and see if it can be used to model actual epidemics and other disease maps.

I don’t wonder about having a device that constantly tracks where I am and what I’m going. Google totally does that anyway.

Also, it’s free. Knock yourself out; see if you can kill millions!

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