Off the grid living looks like the movies

By » Thu, June 7 2012
7 evotg15 450x295 Off the grid living looks like the movies

Isn't that a scene from "Clan of the Cave Bear"? (img by Eric Valli)

Photographer Eric Valli spent a bunch of time with some off-grid people over a period of years and came up with some really interesting photographs, which only raise a bunch of questions in my mind. Who are these people? How long have they been living off grid? What are the parameters of their offgridness? The canoe dude and the bearded gun people look like they have access to modern textiles… or are they doing that themselves? The skin-wearing people look like Weta Workshop cooked them up in an afternoon.

Sometimes, I want words with my pictures. I really want to know the stories of these off-griders, accounts somewhere so I can believe them.

Do you know off-grid people? Can you tell me where to find their stories?

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