Brag about your exploits AFTERward

By » Fri, June 8 2012
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In my day, skywalking was called "work". (img by West Vancouver Archives)

First off: there is no skywalking for the sane. These people are nuts. Speaking of nuts, mine kept trying to slurp up into my ribcage just watching this video:

But let’s say that you’re a skywalker. No, not a whiny bitch who complains about having to be around for moisture harvest instead of bullseyeing womp rats in his T-16. I mean Russians who apparently don’t value life and enjoy climbing incredibly high shit. Anyway, you’re about to go climb some epically tall thing. And climbing it involves illegal trespassing and probably reckless endangerment.

Pro-tip: Don’t fucking talk about your illegal plans in public online. Emailing friends you trust is one thing. Posting on a public site, or even a social networking site where friends of friends might see, is just dumb.

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