Texting and walking hazardous to your wallet

By » Mon, June 11 2012
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No, this is totally safe. (img by David Sugden)

We’ve been over the texting thing. Texting and walkingoff a pier, texting and flying… it’s all bad because you can’t divide your attention very well.

“Sure I can,” you say. The news says you, and pretty much everyone else, can’t.

Ft. Lee, NJ agrees. And is fining “dangerous walkers” with jaywalking tickets. I think it’s a great idea, but the most ridiculous thing is how many tickets they’ve given out: 117 so far after a 1 month grace period in which they handed out pamphlets instead.

Get your head out of your phone and look around… not just because you won’t get fined or get creamed by a bread truck, but because you’re missing out on things that happen in the real world – simple things like beautiful people walking by or animals doing cute things or scenery or interaction with the humans who are actually around you.

Belgium agrees:

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  1. Joel Busi on Facebook Joel Busi on Facebook June 11 2012 @ 10:10am

    great video…”people will die”