Stop wasting gravity!

By » Sat, June 16 2012
Three Gorges Dam1 Stop wasting gravity!

No fault line to see here, move along people. (img by China Absolute Tours—The Friendliest And Trustworthy China Travel Agency)

China does not have the luxury of energy inefficiency going forward. While the rest of the world has been able to use shitty power-generation to build infrastructure and now must, at its own pace, go green, China knows it must start green, because the costs of going green in the future will be so overwhelming for the country that it can’t afford not to.

China leads the world with waste energy capture technologies. For example, in order to produce cement for concrete, you need to calcinate limestone by roasting the shit out of it. Where the rest of the world just lets the lime cool naturally, in China, they use cooling lime and escaped heat from the calcination process to run generators.

There’s energy all over begging to be recaptured. In China, you don’t even waste gravity.

It is common sense that elevators require electricity to run.  However, going beyond our expectations, this elevator can generate electricity while in operation.  The carriage load and its counter weight blocks are often unbalanced during elevator operation.  In the generation mode, the relative movements between the carriage and the counter weights enable the traction motor.  With the use of high precise technologies, we can collect and reuse the electricity generated by the motor, this bringing about “elevator-generation”.

None of these technologies generate more energy than the processes they feed on, but they do make them more efficient. You can think about the disparities between China’s energy policy and the rest of the world while you recapture your waste energy with the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator), a little kinetic energy generator that bounces around your shit while simultaneously keeping your shit charged. 

nPower PEG Carried in Backpack 450x489 Stop wasting gravity!

Early prototypes required users to wear at least one article of Civil-War era military dress. (img by Walyou/nPower)

After a year of development, the PEG is finally available for sale ($170). That way, when you go off the grid, you can turn up your headphones and rock out in the wilderness and do that flailing dance you do when you think no one’s around or are just super-drunk in a place where in all likelihood you really are alone.

Also there’s probably some other reasons to want electricity on foot or in the field. The PEG is compatible with iGo adapters so you can use it to power a very long list of devices.

Combined with a solar backpack ($140 and up) and you can go off the grid without going dark. Still, when was the last time you went dark, just for funsies?

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